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Hello World!

My name is Cajetan (K-Jtan) Bouchard. I graduated in Computer Science and have been working in the field for more than 10 years. I'm also a happy husband and a proud father of a little girl.
Welcome to my website.

The Software Center

Since February 2020, I've been seeding torrents of Free Open-Source Softwares (FOSS), Games and Linux/BSD/illumos Distributions. Go take a look, I'm sure you will find something that interest you.

The Library

This is my personal notes on various concepts that I turned into quick tutorials. Here are some of the concept that I cover Linux Command Line Tools, Audio-Video, Git, Pictures, Databases and Office Suite. I just hope some of my notes will also be useful to you.

The Lounge

One of my hobby is DJing. I'm what you call a bedroom DJ as I mix for myself for the pure joy of the moment. You can listen to all of my mixes for free here on the website. I highly recommend the Progression Session series as it's my most recent series and I really love that genre.