vim - Spliting the Workspace (in progress)

Vim is text editor built to create/modify text based files. It is quite powerful and customizable.

Vim can be used on mostly any Unix based computers and on Mac OS X.

Getting the vim on your computer

Alright, in case you skiped a few steps in this vim tutorial series, here is how you install vim on your computer

On a Debian base distribution, do the following.
# apt-get install vim
On ArchLinux based distibution, do the following.
# pacman -S vim

Note: if you want to learn the basics you can visit vim - Basics


Navigate to an other window

Moving the windows


You want to know more cool feature from vim have a look at my other vim tutorials.

I highly recommand you check out the two links bellow. They contain more information/tricks that will improve your experience.


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