eSpeak: Command Line Text to Speech tool

eSpeak is a terminal command for Linux that converts your Text To Speech (TTS). You can tweak the gender, spead, amplidue, accent and more.


  • -a Change the amplitude in the voice, 0 to 200 (default 100)
  • -p Change the pitch in the voice, 0 to 99 (default is 50)
  • -s Change the speed in words per minutes, 80 to 450 (default is 175)
  • -v Set the type of voice
  • --voices List all the available voices and regions


The documentation is not well built so here is how to use it.

Use the -v flag followed by the required language, the '+' character, the gender (m/f) and the voice style (1 to 5).

espeak -vfr+f5 "Bonjour, comment a été votre journée

To adjust the speed, simply use the -s command with the number of words per minutes (default is 175)

espeak -vfr+f5 -s160 "Bonjour, comment a été votre journée

A nice config for an online game such as Team Fortress 2.

espeak -ven-us+f4 -s170 "Looking for players"


  1. Thomas Hunter II wrote Female Voice using eSpeak on May 21th, 2012


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