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Add Watermark to Video

The following tutorial will show you how to add a watermark in bottom right a video. We will be using the command line ffmpeg tool (avconv on some distribution).


  • -i The path to your video file
  • -i The path to your picture
  • -filter_complex The following paramters must be given to the overlay property
    • main_w-overlay_w-20
    • main_h-overlay_h-20
  • -codec:a copy Copies the audio without any modification


Let's put everything in one command

ffmpeg -i originalVideo.mp4 -i watermark.png -filter_complex "overlay=main_w-overlay_w-20:main_h-overlay_h-20" -codec:a copy finalVideoWithWatermark.mp4"

The two 20 present in the -filter_complex overlay property means that there will be a padding of 20 pixels on the right and a padding of 20 pixels at the bottom. You may want to ajust as needed.


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