Trance Session 01


I was in my second semester at the University when I created this mix. It was engineered in Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and the songs where speed up / slow down in Virtual DJ. Back then I didn't had a midi controller to control Virtual DJ so I was controlling it with my keyboard an mouse, so creating great mixes were a challenge. Hope you will enjoy! -- K-Jtan



  1. Talla 2xlc - World in my Eyes (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  2. Maor Levi - Lital (Daniel Kandi Remix)
  3. Duderstadt vs Store n Forward - Broken (Nitrous Oxide Mix)
  4. Airwave - Redemption
  5. Pulser - Cloudwalking 2005
  6. DJ Eco and Martin Roth - Tonight is Forever (Martin Roth Mix)
  7. DJ Tatana - Spring Breeze (Martin Roth Summerstyle Remix)
  8. M.O.R.P.H. & Van Eyden pres. Lexwood - I Love Trance (Activa Airflow Mix)
  9. Push - Strance World (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
  10. Dave 202 - Generate the Wave (Original Mix)
  11. Sean Tyas - Lift (Bryan Kearney Remix)