Soft Trance Session 01


I was in my second semester at the University when I created this mix. I had just discovered deadmau5 and fell in love with his music. I came up with this mix just in time for 2008's Remembrance Day. This mix was engineered in Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and the songs where speed up / slow down in Virtual DJ. Back then I didn't had a midi controller to control Virtual DJ so I was controlling it with my keyboard an mouse, so creating great mixes were a challenge. Hope you will enjoy! -- K-Jtan



  1. deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake Edit)
  2. Thomas Schwartz - Twilight on Mars
  3. deadmau5 - Jared (Original Mix)
  4. Cosmic Gate feat. Roxanne Emery - A Day that Fades (Inpetto Remix)
  5. deadmau5 - Alone with You
  6. iio - Is it Love (Chris Ortega Remix)
  7. Ava Mea - In the End (Hydroid & Santiago Nino Remix)
  8. Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - If You Should Go (Inpetto vs Duderstand Instrumental Mix)
  9. Thomas Schwartz - Neptune Rising
  10. Red Carpet - Alright (Brad Carter Remix)